1 OUTWARD BEAUTY [2:27] 150 bpm Upbeat motivational pop with a contemporary and slightly exotic feel. Anthemic drop from 26” with driving brass hits and vocal shouts. 2 TOTAL ELEVATION [2:16] 155 bpm Airy and fun EDM featuring punchy back beats with glossy and confident synth stabs. Inspirational strings join the chorus from 01:17. 3 SHINE BRIGHT [2:18] 170 bpm Uplifting dance floor anthem with choppy, non worded vocal chant. Builds from 11” leading to an immense drop with immersive synth stabs. 4 IMMERSE YOURSELF [2:36] 99 bpm Ethereal indie opening leads us into an uplifting electronica chorus featuring ghostly vocal textures, electric guitar and shimmering synths. 5 FINDING TIME [2:22] 100 bpm Contemplative pop electronica with soothing glitched vocals and cascading synth bells. Breakdown at 58” welcomes a calming soundscape. 6 GIVING A CHANCE [2:18] 105 bpm Thoughtfully light opening leads us into a hypnotic, choppy glo-fi tropical pop groove. Intimate break at 58” brings on the sunset vibes. 7 LOVE TRUTH [2:07] 110 bpm Luxurious VIP experience with this pulsating pop banger. Glitchy female vocals create an intimate, close up persuasiveness. 8 HOLD ME CLOSE [2:13] 140 bpm Immersive ethereal glo-fi pop with laid-back, lilting vibe. Features bright synths, energetic drums and ambient vocal effects. 9 TRUE CONNECTION [2:00] 125 bpm Vibrant kaleidoscope city of electronica. Pulsating bass, shimmering synths and distorted leads combine in synergetic harmony. 10 SURROUNDED BY LIGHT [1:54] 125 bpm Basking in a moment of celebratory glory. Luscious dance pop with shimmery synths with a spectral and euphoric ambient vocal. All tracks composed by Max Bronco and Victor Lazlo