1 // COMPELLING CORRUPTION Big lies and a fractured worldwide system. Urgent, tense strings and undulating analogue synths create an atmosphere of intrigue and suspense. 2 // THREATENED WITH VIOLENCE Highlyclassifiedandcovertstealth.Darknesscentres aroundan intoxicatingmixofparanoiaand fear. Pulsatingdeepsynthswithclockworkprecision. 3 // DARK SECRET Finding the clues of a grand deception. An emotive and serious piano lead with icy atmospherics is supported by off-beat drums and pulsing synths. 4 // IMMEDIATE DANGER Infiltrating above top secret. Eerie opening builds towards an aggressive and imposing conclusion with hard-edged bass and synths. 5 // DATA BREACH A real and present threat. Static opening string textures lead to purposeful hard-edged beats with machine-like synths and dramatic string motion. 6 // LONELY INVESTIGATION Walkinga lonelyandprecariouspath.Strange times withaneerieuprightpianowithunsettlingsound atmospherics.Subtlestringsaddanedgyuncertainty. 7 // HEIST STAKEOUT Tracking thecrime familysyndicates.Covert,carefully- measuredmanoeuvreswithadriving,distortedbass groove,atmosphericguitarandedgybeats. 8 // CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD Going deep into the spider’s web. Enigmatic opening textures leads to an aggressive, electro fuelled beat and distorted synths conveying a fluid action scene. 9 // UNKNOWN OUTCOME The truth is tingedwithasadness.Poisedanddelicate pianomelodywithclassical feel issurroundedby unrelentingbass lineandwarpedsoniceffects. 10 // SOMBRE PUZZLE A puzzle of people, places and a murky under society. Futuristic percussive elements with floating guitar melodies creates a mysterious unease. 11 // THE BETRAYAL Who do you really trust? Glitchy, brooding opening introduces a darkly lit, dangerous world; one which builds with increasing angst and tension. 12 // HIDDEN EVIDENCE Resolute, uncompromising self-will. Evolving mist of strange, obscure textures with probing synthesizer patterns. Builds with an invasion of hypnotic drive. 13 // SHALLOW GRAVE A projection of sinister intention. Darkness gathers around a peculiar, spacious felt piano motif that forms the centrepiece of a creepy, disquieting mood. 14 // LIES AND DECEPTION Aclose juxtapositionbetween justiceandcriminality. Carefully-paced,glitchybeatsandethereal textures createamoodofambiguityandsuspicion. All titles composed by Adam Saunders and Mark Cousins