DiviDeD By Time Sad and heartfelt violin melody soars over a gently lilting chamber style orchestra. Longing For The reTu Human drama with an introverted feel. Sad and melancholic cello features with sombre string phrasing. magiL hiDeaway Minimalist style piano notation with benign orchestra backing portrays spellbinding and airy textures. room oF SecreTS Fragile beauty via the piano lead, aided by the gently rippling orchestral brushstrokes. coLD winD BLowS A cold and detached feel; sombre string phrasing supports a lyrical and intimate piano melody. STi wonDer Chamber orchestra conveys humble optimism. Spatial elegance with harmonious tones and a pastoral feel. TwiT meSSage Emotionally dramatic; a powerful and serious orchestral cue with interweaving textures. FLeeTing reFLecTionS Opens with a poignant oboe melody. Pizzicato strings gradually build the emotional intensity. comForTing SaDneSS Piano glides effortlessly over cinematic strings which builds to an apex at 1:06 Frozen SS violin harmonics with plaintive string chords provides a deeply sad and lonely landscape. QueSTioning The STory repeating string phrasing builds a fluid and dynamic feel and exudes an unsettling angst. aLone in menoLy Still opening with mournful cello melody, sympathetic piano and strings breathes deeply. SuSpenDeD By hope String tremolo provides tension against the piano while woodwind provides celestial innocence. DouBTing cLouDS romantic piano and orchestra with an unusual twist via a duduk melody from 1:17 All tracks written by MArk CHAit O r C H E S t r A l S C O r E