SUN MOON STORM Isolated in a hostile environment. Suspense thriller with percussive drive and cinematic rises. Exotic instrumentation heightens the tension and danger. WARRIOR MIND Think like a warrior.An ancient ritual, this oncoming battle is peppered with increasing percussive intensity, vocal chants and rasping bamboo flutes. DARK TERRITORY Stealth like movement in high humidity. World percussion features in this energetic and intoxicating cue. Guttural vocal accents summon deep spirits. COVERT ZONE A heightened sense of battle. A feuding, tribal feel. World percussion provides the drive, power and insistency. Vocal chants adds a mystic edge. SUDOR Standing before the giants. Wave after wave of pulsating percussive rhythms. Bamboo flutes, vocal chants and string rises adds to the epic tension. MIND OVER MATTER A state of nervous energy. Mixture of upfront percussion and uneasy suspense with deep synth bass throbs. Builds toward an exciting climax. TIGHTENING GRIP The eve of the battle. Pounding mixture of orchestral and world percussion. Repeating vocal chant offers an almost spiritual mantra. LINES OF BATTLE This conflict has just got real. Action-packed trailer thriller with layers of cinematic rises. Builds to a cliff-hanger style ending. CHILLING MYTH Grim survival through hostile ground. Tense thriller, paranoia and fear. Dark vocal chants and Alpine horn creates an anxious edge. SECRET SOCIETY Encountering the enemy within. Cinematic percussion troupe with pulsating synths and vocal shouts. Exhilarating horror-tinged feel. HIDDEN FROM SIGHT Worlds within worlds. Enigmatic tribal percussion features in this heady cue. Synth build and rasping wooden flutes leads to a dramatic close. PERSONAL WAR Hunting for revenge. Unrelenting world percussion; aided by non-worded vocal chants and bamboo flutes. Builds with a ruthless vigour. All tracks written by Or Chausha / Ben Aylon / Udi Harpaz Pg4-5 Album backstory / Info