01. JUST US TWO Feeling the love. Summer pop with a hint of tropical house. An uplifting and confident feel which features an expressive female vocal lead. 02. ANOTHER LIFE Dreaming the dream. Bouncy and upbeat electro pop. Sentimental lyrics via female vocal lead delivered with a bright and driving backing. 03.TRUE DEVOTION Relationships without borders. Inspiring electro pop with a deep club vibe. Dynamic male vocal with emotion is paired with an energised beat. 04.EVERYONE IS LOVE A special chemistry. Hitting the party vibes with this uplifting EDM anthem. Confident and flowing female vocal provides the momentum. 05.GOOD ENOUGH Finding that soulmate. Upfront electro pop with a driving EDM groove. Alluring female vocal provides an intimate tone with a smooth backing. 06.FEELING HIGH Touch of class. Luxurious EDM pop with a confident feel. Elated female vocal fronts this propulsive track which also features a catchy brass hook. 07.BE THERE FOR YOU Being there in a time of need. Light electro pop with a strong message. Hopeful and reassuring male vocal offers the ray of light in testing times. 08.WIDE HORIZONS Back from the brink. Emotional EDM pop. Male vocal features in this big and powerful ballad which dynamically goes from intimate to expansive. 09.SWEETER THAN CANDY Love is sweet. EDM pop with hint of disco house. Glossy female vocal leads in this uplifting club vibe which has a deluxe and flowing feel. 10.PERFECT DAY Days of innocence. Contented electro pop with a casual feel. Male vocal offers a caring and honest tone while the backing flows with optimism. Tracks 1,3,4,6,8-10 written by BENJAMIN VELLA/BARNABAS FREEMAN Tracks 2,5,7 written by RICHARD PILKINGTON