01 Pl ane t s And Go l d Underling romantic hope and simple affection. Features a mellow male vocal lead. Whistling, drums and double bass add vibe in this cerebral acoustic indie song. 02 You Are The Song A world of wonder and discovery. This lilting female led acoustic indie track has a gentle and informal feel. Features upright/toy piano with handmade percussion. 03 How Doe s I t Go Approaching life and love with innocent playfulness. Heart-warming male/female vocal duet. This indie nu-folk song also showcases fiddle, banjo and concertina. 04 Ca l l Home Gentle story reminiscing about a return to an idyllic home. Adult contemporary song featuring a sincere female vocal lead. Drums, acoustic guitar and glockenspiel adds timbre. 05 We l comed Li ght Defining an important moment between two people. This emotive male/female duet has a powerful message. Deep booms and piano build to a stirring apex at 3:23 06 Ol d Time s Informality is conveyed in this simple song story. Intimate male vocals convey an inner warmth in this indie folk tale. Humanised further with casual piano and toms. 07 He l d Hi gh An ethereal daydream which may pre-empt a journey. Dreamy female vocals in this thoughtful acoustic indie track. Transforms to a bigger emotional stage from 2:31 08 S imp l y In Love Keep life simple and finding the good in all things. Carefree male vocal offers a leisurely vibe. The acoustic nu-folk backing adds a light and hand-crafted feel. 09 Wi ngs Of Ye s t erday Time for reflection and take stock of where life is heading. Warm and cosy female vocals add a caring and friendly tone. An acoustic indie soundtrack for travelling. 10 Commandeer My Hear t Simple romantic intentions with cheerful clarity. A hopeful male vocal evokes a trustful and sincere prose. This acoustic indie track offers friendly and clear innocence. 1 1 St and i ng St i l l A honest song writing confession from the heart. Earnest and powerful ballad. Female vocal fully delivers in this affectionate statement about a love which runs deep. Tracks 1,3,5,6,8,10 written by ADrIAn DrESAr Tracks 2,4,7,9,11 written by SUSIE WIlKInS