1 KING RHYTHM Hypnotic and tribal drum circle. A driving and energised feel. 2 RISING HEAT Faced with a mesmerising stand-off. Restless world percussion. 3 HUNTED PREY The danger zones. Eerie paranoia sets in. Dark intimidation. 4 SHELL SHOCKED A frozen and unsettling. Eerie, bell-like bowed percussion. 5 STEALTHY ESCAPE Stealthy paranoia and dark shadows. Unrelenting and sinister. 6 TWO FACES Theatrical spectacles. Vibrant, dragon fuelled drum energy. 7 APPROACHING TERROR The fear factors. Deep bass drums with increasing intensity. 8 WAR PAINT Impending and urgent. Fast paced and intense dramatic drama. 9 PLAY TO WIN Physical theatre. Fresh drum grooves and world percussion. 10 FERAL PERCUSSION Wild and unconventional. Ancestral rhythms beat their drum. 11 PRIMAL INTIMIDATION Brooding anticipation. Electrifying and jagged drum circle. 12 WASTELANDS An aftermath of a disaster. Unnerving snare rolls with ghostly drones. 13 DRUM THRONE Not for the feint hearted. Propulsive and clockwork precision. 14 DEFEND AT ALL COSTS Nervous energy in this highly-charged stealthy thriller. 15 RELENTLESS FOCUS Inner determination; win at all costs. Hypnotic and relentless. 16 MOONLIGHT MISSION Clockwork stealth for a suspense thriller. Spooky drones. 17 EERIE LABYRINTH Disorientating psychological horror. Delayed metallic strikes. 18 STREET LAW On the run; ethnic percussion troupe offers military momentum. 19 RHYTHMIC TRIBE Alpha like percussive prowess. Asian influenced, edgy tribalism. 20 BATTLE CRY Summoning up the rhythmic gods. Warlike drum pounding. 21 FINE MARGINS Eclectic mix of electronic drums with driving ethnic hand drum. All track composed and performed by Robert Farrer and John Gregory Knowles.