01 Still Remember Bittersweet and angsty alternative rock. A brooding male vocal recalls a fleeting love story while the band drives an energetic vibe. 02 Under The Southern Sun Reflective indie rock song with a melancholic overtone. Atmospheric guitar fx and propulsive string pizz with male vocal layers. 03 Lean In Lilting poignancy is displayed in this powerful alt rock song. Intimate male vocals with a lush accompaniment supplies the soundtrack. 04 Make It Better Unsettling and seriously emotive alt rock song. Male vocal provides the longing feel with flowing strings adds a restrained urgency. 05 Escapist Journey across lifetimes in this polarising indie rock song. A detached male vocal with moody string ensemble provides a filmic quality. 06 Echoes Back Mildly psychedelic vibes in this quirky indie rock song. Laidback male vocals with lively backing band offers a marginally hopeful outlook. 07 How You Fall Thoughtful alternative rock song with a deeper life message. Male vocal tells the story with retro backing even includes a brass band. 08 Like A Bird Sentimental and alluring indie rock with a spell-binding quality. Romantic male and female duet with a harmonious and expressive backing. 09 Across The Ocean A moving song that reaches the emotional heights. Alternative indie which builds in intensity and leads to a powerful outpouring at 2:01 10 Into A Dream Contemplative, intimate portrait. An acoustic setting features mellow exchanges between guitar and piano highlights a passage of time. Tracks 1-3,5,6,8-10 composed by Christopher Mears Track 4 composed by Christopher Mears / James Childs Evans Track 7 composed by Christopher Mears / Andrew Wilcocks e s c a p i s t